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Finance Management System

       SPANSYS Finance is an software tool that can be used for Daily Finance Collection needs. It comes with the pre-defined configuration for daily collection needs. In addition to the daily finance collections, one can have other types collections (Weekly , Monthly, or premium) as a separate vertical business front.

1. Loan issuing with daily installment schedule
2. Varying collection duration. (60 or 75 or 100 or Any number of days)
3. Processing Fees and Documentation Charges (relative to principle or absolute)
4. Collection order for ease of use and data entry
5. Customer details.
6. Report card with balance on hand - Day to day basis
7. Alert Setting for each loans
8. Secured data storage and retrieval

Fetures of product1

  • New loan continuation
  • Easy Total ledger
  • Total outstanding amount
  • Total Month Collection
  • Individual view(With paid days & Non paid days And separately also)
  • Easy statement prints
  • Daily collection sheet with customer transaction

Project Details

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