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Features of SPANSYS Rental Both Equipment and Scaffolding

  • Commercial => Enquiry, Quotation, Performa invoice, etc
  • Operation => On forwarding Memo (OFM), Delivery Challan (DC), Logsheet generation, Logsheet punching, Invoice Generation, DFM, etc
  • Service => Job card creation, Pre-delivery inspection (PDI-IN) and Post Delivery Inspection (PDI-OUT).
  • Store => MRN, OSL work In and Out, Spare DC and Stock maintenance.
  • Reporitng => Invoice, Stock, MIS report, etc.

Project Details

SPANSYS RENTAL - For Rental Companies

       SPANSYS Rental is the only rental software that goes down to tracking every piece of equipment.

1. Quickly create, update and manage all your online and offline orders to streamline equipment rental operations across locations.
2. Create customized professional-grade invoices and auto-generate these invoices to track payments on monthly orders with ease.
3. Schedule orders well in advance and quickly reserve rental equipment for customers. This leads to conflict-free bookings, every time.
4. Track the location, maintenance status, and availability of your rentals with ease, and set handy alerts to prevent stock outs..

1. Support both Machine and Scaffolding.
2. Unlimited customers, invoices, quotes and items.
3. Manage customer databases.
4. Manage product databases.
5. Job Card creation and Service ticket
6. Store Management
7. Reporting, etc.

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