Now Is The Time For You To Know The Truth About Dos And Don'ts Of SEO

do's and dont's of seo

The process of attempting to raise search engine rankings is called search engine optimization (SEO). The process of making a website can be found in search engines for keywords and phrases that are pertinent to what the website offers is known as SEO. This method helps search engines find your website and rank it higher than the millions of other websites in response to a search query. Therefore, SEO helps you draw traffic from search engines.

The digital world is getting more crowded every year as brands and businesses compete for the top rankings. High rankings are largely dependent on SEO, but what if everyone was doing it? How can one be distinctive while still being at the top?

Planning, Analyzing, and choosing the right keyword is our answer to successful SEO optimization.


Using this technique makes long keywords more complex and therefore more likely to show up frequently in search results.

    Keywords and Keyword Content Coordination

    Content is key to providing a detailed overview of your brand and services. Using the best keywords for your content will help drive your brand in campaigns and promotions with SEM. Detailed, descriptive keywords help curate your content, making it more readable and easier to find in search results.


    For young emerging brands, it is always recommended to use localization as a route to SEO optimization. This is because it will definitely help boost your brand in the local space and local search results before you start expanding your reach and expanding in many territories,Wider base.

    Use static URLs

    Using static URLs is the path to SEO optimization. The advantages of dynamic URLs are that they are much more user-friendly, easier to use in browsers, and have higher navigation rates.

    Media-Infused Content

    Implementing images, short videos, and GIFs are key to highly efficient SEO-optimized content in 2020. Due to the current trend of heavy emphasis on media content, we recommend using relevant images, funny GIFs, and short videos on your website. A specific content page with good SEO optimization. This not only contributes to higher rankings but also higher viewer engagement rates.

    Gadget-friendly SEO interface

    Websites are most likely to be viewed on mobile phones and tablets than desktops. Building a gadget-friendly website with proper SEO optimization can deliver a polished user experience on any technology platform. A website that looks great on all devices ensures high engagement.

    Trending Hashtags

    Social media is a platform for everyone to achieve mainstream appeal. Embracing all of the internet culture, trends, and crazy hashtags can help ensure your brand's viability and relevance online.

    Access to YouTube

    YouTube is now the leading platform when it comes to video content. Marketing with motion tools such as videos, GIFs, etc. is likely to generate a lot of buzzes, so generating platform-appropriate content along with proper SEO can ensure that your audience is engaged with your brand.

    The world of e-commerce

    Since the digital world existed, the e-commerce industry has also prospered at an astonishing pace. As many brands are turning to the internet for their business, companies entering the e-commerce industry must properly design their SEO optimization and incorporate purchase intent keywords to increase sales.


    Last but not least, blogging is a key feature for your brand to stand out with content as well as effective SEO optimization. Using headings and subheadings makes the blog much easier to read. Easy-to-understand and stylish content with strategically placed keywords ensures that your blog will capture the attention of many readers, increasing engagement.

    SEO Dont's

    Using Extended Content

    Long and long content without any substance will definitely affect the quality of the text content on your website. This will affect your search results ranking and will also be less successful when running advertising campaigns.

    Plagiarism kills everything

    Copying and pasting content or structure directly from the web will always damage your brand reputation. It will take away the essence and uniqueness that a brand should carry and only create obstacles in the future.

    More than just text

    No one likes to read long paragraphs even if the content is exceptional. Give your content a twist with animations, images, videos, gifs, and more. will definitely help to retain the readers and thus gradually increase the traffic to the website.

    Don't completely depend on backlinks

    Relying heavily on the insertion of backlinks is definitely not advisable as it ultimately leads to chaos in the SEO optimization process. This ultimately leads to poor SEO results compared to others and thus disrupts the growth of the brand.

    Avoid "Keyword Content" Consider Search Intent

    Sometimes you can spot a particularly compelling keyword during your research and immediately implement them into SEO. but that's not because a keyword has a high search volume doesn't necessarily mean it will be good for ranking. Choosing relevant and relevant keywords that you think will help you stand out, be relevant, and rank in search results is the way to go.

    To Do

    • Detailed and Efficient Keywords
    • Create Content Around Keywords
    • Start Local, Grow Globally
    • Linked Keywords
    • Use Static URLs
    • Media Inspired Content
    • Sites Implement Maps
    • Gadget-Friendly SEO
    • Keep Up with Trends
    • Create an Effective Blog
    • Get Started with YouTube
    • Customize Your Ecommerce SEO


    Avoid Extensive Content
    • No Plagiarism
    • Textual Content Only
    • Excessive Use of Backlinks
    • Avoid “Keyword Content”